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Through sharing and networking, the Task Force aim is 'working better together' to enable more equitable and better care for children and young people around the world.

Models of Care

Here we share exemplar models of care from around the world. Many have transferable value to other contexts: 'Act Local Think Global'.

Tin Soldiers - promoting patient identification and access to pathways of care

An innovative global model of care to enable patients with FOP (Fibrous Ossificans Progressiva) to be identified and supported in their journey to access the right care.

MiracleFeet : improving clubfoot recognition and access to treatment

A model of 'Training the Trainers' to reach out and engage with local communities to aid early recognition,  clinical pathways and access to right care for children with clubfoot.

RightPath - a model of care in the community

A model of triage by allied health professionals working in the community for children with a range of musculoskeletal presentations.

World Health Organisation Essential Medicines List (EML) - Joint Diseases in Children

The Paediatric Global MSK Task Force is working with the WHO to update the EML section on Joint diseases in Children to reflect current practice.