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Through sharing and networking, the Task Force aim is 'working better together' to enable more equitable and better care for children and young people around the world.


Who we are

We are a virtual global community open to all.

We acknowledge the importance of musculoskeletal health and
well-being for all children and young people with benefits
extending into adulthood.

Our Mission: All children and young people around the world have the right to
achieve optimal musculoskeletal health in a safe and respectful environment. All
children and young people with musculoskeletal conditions have the right to
equitable access to the right care to optimise their quality of life.

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Here we include key initiatives to raise awareness about paediatric musculoskeletal conditions and advocate for change to address unmet needs.
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Models Of Care

Models of Care

Here we share exemplar models of care from around the world. Many have transferable value to other contexts: 'Act Local Think Global'.
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Learning Zone

Learning Zone

Here we include e-resources to promote learning about paediatric musculoskeletal medicine and signpost to opportunities for training.
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Global Networks

Global Networks

Here we signpost to networks and societies around the world. 'If you want to go far go it alone, if you want to go further, go together (African Proverb).
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Guidelines Reports and e-Newsletters

Here we signpost to outputs from our Task Force including our e-Newsletters. We also highlight useful resources around guidelines, policy and recommendations. Please share !
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Save the date for WORD Day 2024


The annual World Young Rheumatic Disease Day is being held on Monday 18th March 2024. Read more.

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