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Through sharing and networking, the Task Force aim is 'working better together' to enable more equitable and better care for children and young people around the world.

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The Paediatric Global Musculoskeletal Task Force - Towards better MSK health for all

Here we describe the aims and structure of the Paediatric Global MSK Task Force.

Paediatric Global MSK Task Force 'Call to Action'

Here we describe our Call to Action based around themes of Awareness Raising and Advocacy, Models of Care, Workforce capacity building, Education and Training, Research.

Juvenile Arthritis Management in Less Resourced Settings (JAMLess)

Consensus recommendations for clinical care, education and training and policy for low resource settings.

Generation Pep - promotion of lifestyle behaviours to musculoskeletal health

A non for profit organisation to promote healthy lifestyle for children including regular physical exercise and dietary choices.